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the “adult” part is kinda funny. It’s there a Children Cabaret?

the “adult” part is kinda funny. It’s there a Children Cabaret?

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why would they edit so much?

They physically moved her bones. They moved her collar bone lower. I hope stuff like this makes girls realize how ridiculous the media is.

Even the ‘before’ picture is unattainable by most women. To begin with, she’s had her makeup and hair styled by professionals with expensive products. She’s also been given a flattering designer outfit, which is most likely altered to perfectly fit her shape. She has also been photographed in a fancy studio with perfect lighting and camera equipment, by an industry professional.

The fact that they would then go on to photoshop her beyond recognition (they even changed the appearance of her fingers, for crying out loud) just further emphasizes the unattainability of the media’s idea of ‘beauty’.

I am thoroughly disgusted by all this.

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tellem louie!

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Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise Kingdom



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